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Permits and Licensing

Pennington requires a business license for anyone to operate a business or work as a contractor within the Town. A business license is $30 for the first year or first $20,000. gross sales or .15% of yearly gross proceeds. 

Download a current business license form.

A $30 vehicle fee is added to the personal property tax ticket in lieu of a vehicle decal. 

Zoning permits and county building permits are required for new or additional construction, signage or roof repair.

For Lee County building permits, contact 276-346-7715, or go here.

For town zoning permits, please call our Zoning Administrator at 276-546-1177.

​​ATV Trail permits info here.

Yard sales are by permit only @$10 for 3 events. 

Farmer’s Market produce may be sold at $10 per day or $30 for the season.

Trade day, first Saturday of each month at the farmer’s market location, $5 to set up, $10 under covered pavilion to sell anything.