Lee County Fair Coming to Leeman Field

Aug 27, 2015

“Thrill, Wheels and Squeals” will be at Leeman Field from Wednesday, September 2nd to Saturday, September 5th. Exhibit barns open September 1st, 10 AM to 6 PM to accept entries. On Tuesday evening at 5:00 PM, the Pennington Gap Women’s Club will sponsor the beauty pageant. Saturday at 12 PM, the ATV drag race will begin, followed by the tractor pull at 2:00 PM. The demolition derby will start at 5:30. Gates open at 4PM each day and 12PM on Saturday. Wednesday admission is $2 for 11 and under, $5 for adults. Thursday is Family Free night, Friday and Saturday admission is $10 adults, $2 children.

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Lee Theatre Website

Nov 20, 2013

Lee Theatre now has a website.  Be sure to check it out at www.leetheatre.org


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Sep 12, 2013

You can now make any type of payment by credit or debit card at the Town Hall.  Previously, cards were only accepted through the website for utility payments.  While this option is still available online, over-the-counter card transactions will save the customer a transaction fee.

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Lee County Tobacco Festival

Aug 16, 2013

The Lee County Tobacco Festival will be held on Saturday, October 24, 2015.  More information on this event can be found at www.tobaccofestival.org


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Open Letter to Wellmont

Jul 2, 2013

June 24, 2013

Board of Directors
Wellmont Health System
1905 American Way
Kingsport, TN  37660

To Whom It May Concern:

The Town Council members of Pennington Gap and I, as well as everyone in the entire area, were saddened to learn of Wellmont Health System’s recent decision to eliminate a portion of its services and the accompanying positions reductions at Lee Regional Medical Center here in Pennington Gap.  This action by Wellmont, while it may in fact be a reasonable and well-thought out business decision, will have a very negative impact on our community and to a large number of their loyal employees, their families, and all of Pennington Gap, Lee County and the surrounding area.

This downsizing and elimination of numerous medical services at our hospital is going to potentially have a negative impact on everyone that has used the hospital here in Pennington Gap, or would sometime in the future need to use this facility, and is going to cause a lot of valuable skilled employees to seek employment elsewhere and possibly result in their leaving this area altogether.

It’s hard to make up for all of these losses and for the community to function as it has done in the past, but the Town of Pennington Gap will work with Wellmont Health System and the community to endeavor to make this potential loss to the community as painless as is possible to all concerned.

As you can imagine, we are very concerned that any business closing or cutting back in the community will have an impact on the community, not only due to the continued loss of jobs, but vitally important jobs, such as these in the medical and life saving areas.  We are concerned about the tremendous void that is going to be created by this decision and we are concerned about the well being of our citizens as a result.

The Town Council wants to thank each member of the Wellmont Health System and all related medical services teams for all of their hard work, dedication and commitment that you have shown for all of the people that you have treated, counseled and provided care for in the past.  To that end, we extend thanks and praise to all who have worked so hard to help our community in the past and we want you to know that these efforts will not soon be forgotten.

By Motion of the Town Council.


D. R. Carter

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Public Hearing on Town’s Zoning Or...

Jun 26, 2013


Notice is hereby given to all citizens of the Town of Pennington Gap, to all persons interested, and the public at large that a Public Hearing will be conducted to solicit public comment regarding the abolishment of the Town Zoning Ordinance. The hearing will be held on July 15, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. in the Pennington Gap Community Center, 41670 West Morgan Avenue, Pennington Gap, Virginia. All interested citizens are invited to attend, but those who cannot attend may submit a sealed written comment to the attention of the Town Clerk to be read aloud at the Public Hearing. Such comments can be mailed to 204 Constitution Road, Pennington Gap, VA 24277. For more information, please contact the Town Manager at 276-546-1177.

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Delinquent Taxes Notices

Apr 19, 2013

All delinquent personal property taxes & real property taxes are to now be published, as per Ordinance No. 160-40 2011:

The Town Council directs that the lists mentioned in subdivisions 2 and 3 of Code Section 58.1-3921, or such parts thereof as deemed advisable by the Treasurer, be published for one week, in both the Wednesday and the Weekender editions of The Powell Valley News, a newspaper of general circulation in this county; and The publication costs shall be paid for as provided by law.

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